11 Best AI Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business (2023)


Being a marketer means dealing with a broad range of tasks, platforms, and content types daily. It’s not uncommon for the workload to become unmanageable, leaving many marketers scrambling to stay on top of their tasks. If only there were a way to help with all of this. Fortunately, we’ll show you some of the best AI marketing tools.

This article features a selection of cutting-edge AI marketing tools that can help ease your workload, optimize your marketing efforts, and improve quality & creativity. By leveraging these tools, you can tackle all aspects of marketing and elevate your performance. Whether you need to create marketing content or skyrocket your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), you can leverage these AI tools to improve your business.

Best AI Marketing Tools

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We are featuring some of the best AI tech for marketing professionals below. That includes AI Writers and Paraphrasing tools, AI social media schedulers, AI SEO content analyzers, and AI Ad managers. Here are the best AI marketing tools that we’re covering:

1. Jasper

Jasper - Homepage May 2023

Jasper is an all-purpose AI writer for marketers. It leverages AI in multiple ways, which makes it an attractive option for those needing various output types. We like Jasper because it uses GPT 3 tech plus a proprietary LLM specifically trained with live marketing and sales content. Jasper also includes SEO integrations, making it a long-format content generator for SERP-topping SEO content.

Key Features:

Jasper best AI marketing tool Content Editor

Best For:

Jasper is one of the most popular and successful online AI writing services. It’s done this by offering better AI writing than the myriad of other AI writers that popped up, which only used a simplistic approach to content generation via only the GPT 3 API. Jasper is one of the best tools marketers can have in their back pockets, especially for content writers and other communication specialists who write a lot of content per week (4000+ words a week).

Pricing: Plans start at $39 / mo

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2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO - Homepage April 2023

Surfer SEO analyzes search term SERPs and compares your content against the learnings of top-ranking pages. Surfer’s content analysis helps you ensure you are on the right track with your content by looking at semantic NPL terms, content length, image #s, and more. It’s ranked among the top SEO tools and would fit right into your arsenal of organic-traffic-increasing tools.

Key Features:

  • Scores content against findings of the top articles in your focus SERPs
  • Select country-specific SERPs per article to localize your content
  • Create content briefs and outlines based on full competitor content
  • Grow Flow analyzes your website continuously, searching for published content decay and quick-wins

SurferSEO Grow Flow Content Decay

Best For:

Surfer SEO is perfect for website managers and content editors wanting to improve content quality drastically. Editors create content briefs and outlines that will give writers more opportunities to succeed. Website and SEO managers use Grow Flow to monitor published content and find out as soon as Google starts devaluing your content because of age or less usefulness (content decay).

Pricing: Premium plans start at $59 / mo

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3. Ocoya

Ocoya - Homepage April 2023

Tool Type – AI Marketing Automation

Ocoya is an AI-powered social media post creator and scheduler. It’s an all-in-one AI marketing tool for social media managers. In recent years, tools like Buffer or Hootsuite have made scheduling content across social channels easier. Ocoya goes a few steps further by having a visual post creator, AI writing assistant, and the content scheduling tools you use in other apps.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven social media content creation
  • A vast library of Templates for post images
  • Cross-platform scheduling from one dashboard
  • eCommerce integrations for creating product-based marketing assets

Ocoya AI Post Writer and Visual Templates

Best For:

Ocoya brings enough tools together to increase creative output to the social channels you manage. Higher plans are great for agencies with multiple team members and businesses (each business can have a workspace). Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok. The AI writer uses social media copywriting best practices to create effective posts with a bit of prompting.

Pricing: Starting at $19 / mo and up

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4. Grammarly

Grammarly - Homepage April 2023
Grammarly is an AI-powered copy-editing platform that gives marketers the confidence to publish content without stressing over annoying typos. The free version helps with basic spelling and grammar issues, but Grammarly’s paid plans go to a new level. It can reword, rewrite, and restructure whole sentences that would make your high school English teacher proud.

Key Features:

  • Basic grammar and spell checking
  • Plagiarism checker (available for paid users)
  • Learn what mistakes you commonly make by seeing suggestions in real time

Best For:

Marketers, no matter their specialization, benefit from Grammarly. Grammarly gives powerful suggestions to all your apps so everything you write is clear and readable. Social content, email campaigns, internal Slack messages, and more will sound more professional when you install it.

Pricing: $12 / mo with a limited free option

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5. Pictory AI

Pictory - Homepage April 2023

Tool Type – AI Video Generator

Pictory AI is an AI-powered video generator for those marketing on websites and social channels. Its unique editing features mean you can turn text content into videos and edit your video content with text. This means that you can use your writing team’s skillset to venture into video creation without needing to retrain them or hire more staff.

Key Features:

  • Create “Shorts” from your long-form videos
  • Creates videos using stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voiceovers
  • Edit videos via transcribed speech in a document editor
  • Automatic caption generator

Best For:

Pictory AI is ideal for designers, content creators, and businesses wanting an automated way to create video content based on long-form text and videos.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $23 / mo

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6. Lately

Lately - Homepage April 2023
Lately is an AI-powered content repurposing platform that learns your audience and brand voice to make content that soars. It brings a powerful AI writer with social analytics to know what your audience likes and to repurpose content based on that. After content repurposing and creation, Lately schedules your posts and can do so at the best posting times for your followers.

Key Features:

  • Import long-form content to generate shareable social media posts
  • Publish content to multiple platforms
  • Intelligently create content from existing content and even by URL
  • Total social analytics platform

Lately Social Media Management by AI

Best For:

Businesses with large caches of previously created content can easily create micro-content with Lately. Use it to fill the gaps in your growing team by effectively repurposing content to leverage organizational knowledge and increase total output.

Pricing: Plans start at $179 / mo

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7. Otter AI

Otter AI - Homepage April 2023

Tool Type – AI Meeting Scribe

Otter AI is an advanced transcription service that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate transcriptions of live meetings. Marketers might be in planning meetings as much as they are inside the Meta Ads manager. Otter hopes to take back some of that meeting time so you can get to the work that you’re paid to do. It listens to your meetings and captures important slides. Then, it creates meeting notes with time stamps and shows who contributed what. No more making a new Google doc for each meeting and spamming your co-workers with the link daily.

Key Features:

  • Real-time meeting transcription
  • Captures slides and presentations for notes
  • Timestamped meeting notes that are searchable
  • Integrates with your preferred meeting platform
  • Records meetings and stores them in one place for future use

Best For:

Anyone in marketing or sales that spends a lot of time in meetings will see time-savings and productivity increases using Otter. More efficient meetings with baked-in collaborative tools will help you and your whole team save time.

Pricing: Free plan available with paid plans starting at $16.99 / mo

Get Otter AI

8. Adzooma

Adzooma - Homepage May 2023

Tool Type – AI Marketing Automation

Adzooma is an AI-powered ad management platform. It manages ads across channels (Google Ads, Meta, and way more) so you get world-class AI recommendations in one place. With easy ad scores and metrics, you can tell exactly how all your ads are performing and make changes from its advice—extra tools for website SEO and local listings/reviews management.

Key Features:

  • Manage local listings and reviews from one dashboard powered by AI insights (plus plan)
  • AI-powered Ad campaign creation and optimization across ad networks (free plan, may collect a percentage of ad spend)
  • SEO performance insights with action steps (plus plan)

Best For:

Digital advertisers and SEMs will find Adzooma of great use. What would take hours of manual searching through metrics can now be handed to you on a platter. Take advantage of this AI ads platform and reach new heights.

Pricing: Free plan for ad management with paid plans starting at $99 / mo

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9. Tidio+


Tidio - Homepage April 2023
Tidio is a full chatbot platform for customer service that combines traditional workflow-based chatbots with cutting-edge AI abilities. The Tidio+ plan takes it to the next level, empowering users to create AI-driven bots that deliver unique customer interactions, reducing churn rates, and building customer loyalty, all to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. For marketers performing CRO functions (Conversion Rate Optimization), a customizable chatbot could be one of the missing pieces to your plans.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited chat interactions with Tidio+
  • Smooth handoff between chatbot and live agents for enhanced customer care
  • Integrated help tickets for handling more complex inquiries
  • Operates on the cloud for easy access through mobile apps and desktop applications
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and Shopify for conversational shopping experiences (abandoned cart, discounts, and product recommendations)

Best For:

Marketers working in CRO or eCommerce stand to benefit from Tidio’s chatbot platform. They can dramatically increase conversions by immediately answering customer questions and embedding your shopping experience in a chat interface. Pricing for Tidio+ is steep, but even the non-AI chatbot options are worth it for eCommerce marketers.

Pricing: Tidio+ starts at $329/mo, with non-AI chatbot plans starting Free

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10. GrowthBar

GrowthBar - Homepage May 2023

GrowthBar is a total SEO content researching and AI writing application. It helps content marketers and editors research, plan, write and then optimize content destined for the top positions of Google. Writers use it every day to speed up content ideation and creation with a particular focus on writing better content than the competition—using insights from the competition.

Key Features:

  • Keyword research tool to learn monthly searches, search difficulty, and related terms
  • Rank position tracking for tracked keywords
  • Create content outlines based on the headings of currently ranking articles
  • AI content writer for SEO content, meta descriptions, and headings

Best For:

SEO content writers looking for a tool that helps with basic SEO research and AI content writing will love GrowthBar. It’s very similar to Surfer SEO but comes in about $11 / mo cheaper, which should interest SEO-conscious freelance writers.

Pricing: Plans start at $48 / mo

Get GrowthBar

11. Personalize by human

Personalize - Landing Page May 2023

Personalize is an AI-powered customer insights platform that tracks user activity and creates interest profiles for each. This continuously updated AI tool best matches customer interests with products and services based on web activity such as dwell time, page view history, event clicks, and more. The end goal with Personalize is to create a data-rich interest profile to send ideally segmented and personalized marketing emails to each contact.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic event tracking
  • Email personalization based on AI-capture interests
  • Email automation to put it all on auto-pilot

Best For:

Larger businesses with many products or services can increase conversions by sending targeted emails based on AI predictive insights. Marketers can benefit from AI creating segments and personalization without creating large CRM rules and flows.

Pricing: Plans start at $69 / mo

Get Personalize

AI Marketing FAQ


Selecting the right mix of the best AI marketing tools will help you cut down on time, increase your ROI, raise your conversion rates, and improve your business.

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 Surfer SEO $59/mo Get
🥈 Jasper $49/mo Get
🥉 Ocoya $19/mo Get
4 Grammarly $12/mo ✔️ Get
5 Pictory AI $23/mo Get
6 Lately $179/mo Get
7 Otter AI $16.99/mo ✔️ Get
8 Adzooma $99/mo ✔️ Get
9 Tidio+ $329/mo (for AI) Get
10 GrowthBar $48/mo Get
11 Personalize $69/mo Get

For content creation, we recommend Jasper as one of the best all-purpose AI writers marketers should look into using. It can help create content, no matter how and where that content will end up being used. Surfer SEO is an excellent tool that we can’t recommend enough. Not everyone works in SEO, but for those that do, it will improve your workflow and effectiveness in the SERPs. And those managing social accounts, Ocoya is an excellent platform for creating and scheduling posts using AI.

Want to see even more fantastic technology and tools? Check out our suggestions for the best SEO tools and best AI Chatbots that businesses can start using today.

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