Changes to Unity Tenth support that may impact your website

First of all, Happy New Year to you!

I am so thankful to you, my client, for helping Unity Tenth to grow.  Whether you have recommended our services to others, utilized our resources to help your site and organization grow, or just being kind, you are valued.

Your value has translated to helping Unity Tenth grow. Because of that, the name is getting around which is turning into even more opportunities to help others grow.

We are committed to making sure that everyone we come in contact with gets the same opportunities to have their story told the best way possible online, just like we did with you.

To make sure you continue to get the attention you deserve, it is my great pleasure to introduce a brand new website support service for 2020.

Introducing Greenthumb!

Greenthumb support is handled by some of the brightest minds the internet has to offer. This team is very knowledgeable about everything WordPress and they are here to help. Also, their responses are easy to understand so you will get very little “tech speak.”. They can also answer any questions you have and take care of simple tasks for you.

How does it work?

You just create a support ticket and wait on the response.  That’s it. They are pretty good at giving a timely response.

Is there a cost to this?

The short answer, yes. There are two affordable options. You can either get a support plan or pay-per-ticket.

Pay-per-ticket is just $49 per 30 minute ticket. During that time, they will take care of virtually anything for you.  It’s a great option if you want to save money or if you have a tech savvy person on your team already.

But, if you aren’t tech savvy and feel like you need ongoing support, then you should get a plan. Depending on the plan’s tier, you get 90 minutes to 4 hours per month of support (up to 2 hours/month… unused minutes roll over), chat support, and other great tools like search engine optimization (SEO) and support over the phone.  You can sign up for a quarterly plan or an annual plan and save 15%.

Where to go to learn more or submit a ticket?

Pretty soon, as a Unity Tenth client, you will get a link to the new ticketing platform directly on your website’s dashboard. You can also visit the Unity Tenth website to see all of the features.  And, as always, the system is live in your Growth Center Dashboard.  Just click on the big “Get Support” button.

I have confidence that this new service will fulfill your needs.  Right now, support is only available during business hours (M-Th 12p – 5p CST, Fridays 12p – 6p). The plan is to get to 24/7 support, but the demand for it has to be big.  Which is where you come in.

To ensure that you get the best service possible, unless you’re a Full Support client (which is no longer available. Current Full Service clients automatically have access to Greenthumb until they cancel), PLEASE USE GREENTHUMB AND DON’T CALL, EMAIL, OR TEXT SUPPORT QUESTIONS INQUIRIES OR REQUESTS!!!  As of today, those requests WILL BE IGNORED or you’ll be referred to Greenthumb.

There is an exception, though…!

Unity Tenth has a new sales line at 870-280-2282. This number can be used for requesting a new website, redesigning a current website, or for questions concerning billing, contracts, or your Growth Center Dashboard. It can be text to as well. Please, ONLY use the line to handle those requests.

But… I do have 2 thank you gifts for you and future clients.

For your support of Unity Tenth and to celebrate this new support service, you will get multiple opportunities to save on support.

Use promo code GTSUPPORT to get 5% off of your ticket OR plan.


Unity Tenth also has a new text alert service. This service will only be used to let you know if Unity Tenth will be closed or if there are any changes that may impact you (such as mass outages, etc.). Promise, no spam.  You’d probably get no more than 2 text messages per month (you’d be lucky if you only got one).  If you sign up, you will get another promo code that you can use to save more money on your support ticket.

That means, you could save up to 25% on an annual subscription if you use the two coupon codes!

This is a great way for you to try the service for yourself at an affordable price.  You must hurry because both coupon codes will expire on March 1.

To get that coupon code, just text UNITY10 to the number 31996.  Message and data rates may apply.

ALSO, new clients AND WEBSITE REDESIGNS (which could be you) will get 3 months of Lite Greenthumb support included. I’ll even sweeten the deal and make the 3 months FREE until March 1 (only if your final invoice is $200 or more).

If you have any questions about how Greenthumb works or want to gush (or complain) about the service, please call me at 870-280-2282!

Thank you very much and let’s continue to Grow More in 2020!

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