Current Clients Full Service Promo Deal


full-service-limited-time-offerSo, I have recently launched two brand new services, Full Service and Self Service.   These new services were designed to help new clients get all of the important things that are needed to have a website at an affordable price.  If you have not seen all of the features and the prices for the services, please check the new website services page here.  While the new services, especially the Full Service, is very helpful for new clients, I believe that it can also benefit my current clients, too.

This is why I’ve created a SPECIAL Full Service Promo deal for all of my current clients.  You can have your website migrate over to the new Full Service plan for just $68/mo!

Why would you want to move your current website to this new Full Service plan?  I’m glad you asked!  Here are some reasons why!

Fewer Website Maintenance Hassles

full-service-computer-problemYou’ve probably figured out that having a website is more than just… well… having a website.  You have to remember to pay for your domain, remember to pay your hosting provider, “figure out” how to post an article, make sure that your website has not been hacked, moderate spam comments, and the list goes on and on.

Full Services clients will not have to worry about those things.  The plan comes with co-op maintenance service.  I will take care of monitoring spam comments, keeping the website safe from malicious code and hackers, and handle hosting and domain maintenance.  Plus, no more paying multiple vendors.  One price takes care of them all (except for domains you’ve already purchased.  It gets complicated beyond that point).

Lightening Fast Hosting

full-service-speedAre you paying your current hosting provider tons of money just to have a snail-slow website?  STOP!  A slow website can hurt your website’s search rankings, which can also hurt your organization’s reputation on- and off-line.

I will, for FREE, migrate you to my preferred hosting provider, Flywheel.  They are a managed WordPress hosting company that offers incredibly fast hosting, malicious code scanning, website back-ups, and more.

You can learn more about Flywheel here.  The link is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through the link, I will be compensated.

Discounted Website Redesign Project

I’m going to be upfront about redesigns.  I’m “doing away with” my original redesign discount.  For now on, new and current clients who want a website redesign will get a COMPLETELY NEW website set up on Flywheel (not with their current hosting provider).

As current clients, you will be the last group to take advantage of the last of my redesign discount.  If you sign up for this and decide that you want to get you website made over again, you will get it done and still pay $68/mo. for an entire year.  After the year is up, it will go back up to the $88/mo.

If you’re not getting a redesign, you will be grandfathered in at $68/mo until you want a new website.  A year after your website is launched, you’ll go up to $88/mo (just to be fair).

Convenient Website Service Orders

If you haven’t tried it yet, your Growth Center account dashboard has a ticketing system for work-orders dealing with your website.  Another thing I’m being upfront about:  after August 31, I will be charging $30/hr for work orders.  The only clients who will be exempt from the $30/hr charge are Full Service clients.

Plus, Full Service clients will be able to submit work order tickets directly from their website’s dashboard, not through the Unity Tenth Growth Center account dashboard.  This makes the experience much easier and efficient for clients.  Also, Full Service clients will get a higher priority in completing tickets.

Free Unlimited Consultations & Progress Reports

Finally, the best thing about Full Service are the free consultations.  What’s that?  I will monitor your website’s visitor traffic, search engine performance, and overall speed.  You will get a monthly report highlighting those statistics emailed to you for review.  Also, do you have a question about how your organization can use social media?  Or about the best way to increase web traffic?  Maybe you want tips for having a web management team at a low cost to your organization…  I will be available for consultations FOR FREE!  Everyone else will have to pay $30/hr.

How Do I Get Started?

full-service-analysisIf you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer, you must use the promo code from your email when you complete the form.  You have until August 31 to take advantage of the offer.

If you already have an annual plan with Unity Tenth, please know that once the term on your plan expires, you will have the option to renew under the new Full Service plan.

If I’m in the middle of your project and you want to take advantage of this, then whatever you’ve paid will be credited towards your new Full Service plan.

Of course, Full Service can be canceled at any time!  That means there’s no annual contract.  No obligation!  By the way, Full Service websites get the 30 day On-Time Launch Guarantee!

So, if you’re ready to make that switch, refer to your email from Unity Tenth, complete the form, and let’s grow some more!