These frequently asked questions will help you to navigate through Unity Tenth’s Web Design service.  Please check back for more FAQ’s.  If you would like to add a question, please suggest one by leaving a comment below.

Full Service

You have 7 days after you receive your invoice to pay it in full.

If you do not pay the invoice by that time, then Unity Tenth will “hide” the website.  You and visitors will only see a landing page showing your website is “under construction.”

If you see this on your website, then you will need to check your email or your Growth Center Account Dashboard for an invoice a pay it as soon as possible to restore services.

If your account becomes delinquent after 30 days, then your website may get shut down completely until your account is paid in full.

If Unity Tenth purchased your domain and your website gets shut down, you can buy it back from Unity Tenth by talking to a domain broker.  There are many great domain brokers available, however, Unity Tenth does recommend using the domain brokers with GoDaddy since your domain will be purchased through them.

To avoid all of this, make sure you pay your invoice!

Category: Full Service

Not at this time.  Some of the amenities that come with the Full Service subscription are paid for on a monthly basis.

There are plans in the future to get some of those amenities in bulk which could then be used for an annual subscription.

Until then, you will have to have a monthly subscription.  If you would rather not pay monthly, then you can try the Self Service option which is only a onetime fee.

Category: Full Service

This guarantee is a challenge and a commitment to quality service (plus it is another added benefit for Full Service clients).

The goal is to make sure your website is available for your visitors to see within 15 work days (Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays).  However, sometimes you want to make sure your site is perfect upon release.  So the maximum completion time is 30 work days.

If your site has not been launched in 30 work days, then you’ll get your first month’s payment fully refunded. 

However, in order to qualify, you must be available for comments and send all required materials before the launch date.  The guarantee is also void if your check or money order is not received within 14 days from the date Unity Tenth sends an invoice, or if a check or money order cannot be processed and must be returned.

The full details are available in your terms.

You can email customerservice@unitytenth.com with notice that you want to cancel your Full Service subscription. You can also cancel your subscription through your Growth Center account.  When you cancel your Full Service account, the domain name and hosting will be forwarded over to you.  Also, you will be responsible for maintaining any licensing for themes and third party plugins.

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