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White-Labeled Email

To add people to your Zoho powered white-labeled email, first log into your mail account (mail.yourdomain.com) and do the following (by the way, you must be the admin super administrator to do this) :

  • Visit your mailbox Control Panel (photo #2) in your profile (photo #1) (see pictures below)
Mailbox Control Panel Step 1 of 1
You get to your mailbox Control Panel by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner (it might be an avatar)
Mailbox Control Panel Step 1 of 2
When you click on the profile picture, a new menu will fly out. Click on “Control Panel” to get to your email’s Control Panel.
  • In your Control Panel, click on User Details > Add User
Step 2
  • Fill out the form, give them a password, and click “Ok.” You let them know that you’ve added them to the system and give them instructions for how to log in. It might be a good idea to tick the checkbox beside ” Force user to change password during the first login” so your new user will have to change their password when they log in.
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