Help, I need help with my website! Many ways Unity Tenth can help you.


So, you’ve had your website completed from Unity Tenth for a couple of months now.  Everything is going fine, but something’s come up.  Your charity is going into a new direction and you now have a new logo, perhaps?  Or, maybe you have some new products to add to your eCommerce website and you’re between webmasters.  Unity Tenth has many easy ways in which you can get help for your website.

Website Dashboard:  Preferred Method

About a couple of days ago, I announced the new Full and Self-Service plans.  Full Service Clients have a special perk for being Full Service.  They have a support ticket module in their WordPress dashboard.  When you fill out the form, an email will be sent to me and I’ll get to work on your support request.  Did I forget to mention that Full Service Clients gets FREE PRIORITY SUPPORT?  To learn more about this, you can go here.

Growth Center Account Dashboard:  Another Handy Method

The Growth Center Account Dashboard is where you go to pay your invoice, communicate with me, sign documents, and more!  But did you know that you can also submit support tickets?  When you log-in to your account, click on “Support” at the top of the left column.  From there, the form is easy to fill out.  Depending on your ticket, you might be asked to mark the status as “resolved” once you’re satisfied with the work.

When your ticket has been updated, you will be notified in your dashboard and in your email inbox (that you used to register your organization).  If you don’t get an email, make sure that it’s not in your junk/spam/bulk folder.

The Growth Center Dashboard also has a place where you can upload files such as pictures and documents (known as assets).  In the left column, click on the “Asset Uploader” tab, complete the form, drag ‘n drop your assets, and then press “send”.

Support Email:  Available If Necessary

Do you know my support email??  In case you don’t, here it is:  I bet you’re asking: Why can’t I use his personal email?

I get tons of emails every day from various sources.  When you use my personal email, your support ticket will be buried deep into my long river of emails.  The email goes into a special folder that is separated for my river of emails, making it easier for you to get the attention you deserve.  So, help me help you—use the support email to make support requests.

Support Phone and Text:  EMERGENCIES ONLY

Did your website crash?  There’s nothing bigger than that kind of issue.  If your website crashes and you’re a current client, you can call or text me directly:  870-568-7495.  Regardless of whether you’re a Full or Self-Service Client, I place downed-websites at the very top of my priority list.  I will get on the phone with the hosting company and try to get you back up as soon as possible.

You can also use the number if you have a question about the status of your ticket or to elaborate more on your support ticket.

Final Thoughts

Help for you is just a couple of clicks away.  Just so you know, whenever you submit a ticket, regardless of the method I will do my best to put it in the Growth Center Account Dashboard so you can see it’s progress.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and let’s both strive to Grow More!

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