Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions


Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions social imageMore than half of the global population accesses the internet using mobile phones. According to Statista, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8 percent of global website traffic.

Naturally, it makes sense for small businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in mobile marketing to promote their businesses.

One of the secrets to achieving success with mobile marketing is mastering the art of writing copy that is specifically designed for mobile users – a process known as mobile copywriting.

Mobile copywriting teaches you the techniques that will help you craft better mobile marketing messages that will immediately entice your audience and drive more click-throughs.

Whether you’re trying to write good copy for emails, push notifications, or SMS, apply these mobile copywriting secrets to get more conversions.

Developing Mobile-Friendly Responsive Emails

Nearly 1.7 billion users check emails using their mobile phones compared to only 0.9 billion on desktops. What’s more interesting is that mobile-responsive email designs can increase clicks by 15 percent

These stats indicate the urgency for creating mobile-friendly emails so you can reap the benefits of email marketing

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions mobile responsive copy

These tips will help you put your customer at the front and create better mobile emails that convert:

1. Check the Length of Your Subject Line

According to Return Path, a typical email opened on a computer will display approximately 60 characters of the subject line, while a mobile device displays 25 to 30 characters. That’s why you should keep your email headlines short, so your readers can see the complete headline.

2. Focus on Email Preheader Text

The preheader text of an email is a small line of text that appears after the subject line. It provides a brief summary of the content of the email.

When a preheader is not optimized, the reader sees the incomplete line from the email body instead. But by personalizing your preheader message, you can give your readers an idea of what they’ll get if they open that email.

3. Keep Your Message Short

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions Mobile-Friendly Responsive Emails image

When writing mobile-optimized email text, it’s essential to be short and concise. So write simple and scannable content. You can even add bullet points to help your readers get the message without spending too long.

4. Design Mobile-friendly Layouts and Templates

Most email marketing tools offer responsive templates and a way to further personalize the template according to your needs.

You can test various layouts and check how they will look on different devices like desktop, mobile, or tablet before sending your email. This will make sure your email is fully optimized for mobile users, and they’ll get the best experience.

Writing the Perfect SMS Marketing Copy

Did you know SMS marketing size in the US is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 20.3 percent from 2019 to 2025?

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions SMS copywriting image

Text messages have a higher open rate and fewer consumer complaints. According to a report published on Grand View Research, SMS gives a higher average CTR in comparison to any other marketing tool.

This gives us a reason to consider SMS marketing as part of the main marketing channel and get better at copywriting so we can generate more ROI.

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions SMS Marketing copy Image

Here are five tips to help you write better SMS copy:

1. Keep It Short and Get Straight to the Point

As you know, the character limit in SMS is 160. Also, because you need to quickly grab attention, try keeping your message short and to the point.

2. Highlight Important Words in Capital Letters

One of the limitations of SMS marketing is the lack of customization via word style and formatting. If you want to stand out and make the core offer, such as “SALE” or “FREE DELIVERY,” more noticeable, capitalize the words.

3. Create Urgency

One of the best ways to write sales and SMS copy is to create a sense of urgency. Through powerful messaging, you can generate FOMO so they quickly open and take action.

4. Write Irresistible CTAs

Call-to-action buttons are a way to communicate with your customers about what you want them to do next. By crafting a powerful and clear CTA, which you can place at the end of your SMS, you can drive more clicks and sales.

5. Add a Link When Necessary

You have asked your readers to “Order Now,” but there is no link through which they can place an order? Don’t do this if you want more sales.

Always create short URLs using URL shortener tools and paste them into your message. Smartphones automatically turn these URLs into clickable links, which your customers can use to complete the transaction.

Crafting Engaging Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications are useful when it comes to sharing product updates, reminders, personalized offers, or the latest news. You can send push notifications to customers who have opted-in or enabled notifications through your mobile app.

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions mobile notifications image

Push notifications can be of great help to quickly grab your customers’ attention and make them act on an offer.

The three key features of push notifications are:

  • They’re personalized
  • They’re delivered at the right time
  • They’re highly relevant

“A great mobile push notification is three things: timely, personal and actionable.” – Noah Weiss, Slack.

If you want more clicks through push notifications, make sure to follow these tricks:

1. Add Value and Provide Benefits

Each notification must provide value in some way. In some cases, this means communicating important information such as real-time travel and food delivery updates.

2. Make Use of Seasonal Offers

Do you have special offers for Christmas or heavily discounted products during your Black Friday sale? By creating push notifications during these occasions, you can drive more clicks and sales for your business.

3. Keep Them Short

Push notifications should be short and concise. Remember that it can be 60-90 characters for Android and 120 characters or less for iOS. The appropriate length of push notification can be less than 40 characters to a maximum of 50 characters.

Mobile Copywriting Best Practices for More Conversions

Mobile Copywriting Secrets for Killer Conversions mobile copywriting best practices image

When it comes to mobile copywriting, we can’t get enough. So here are some more tips and best practices you can follow to get more conversions.

1. Proofread Your Copy

Before hitting the send button, always, without fail, proofread your copy. Proofreading helps you avoid sending messages with errors and spelling mistakes that can dilute your brand reputation.

2. Write Compelling Headlines

Headlines account for maximum clicks and actions, so write compelling headlines in a way that best describes the content and grabs your reader’s attention.

Whether it’s a banner ad, remarketing ad, an email, or push notification, the first few characters can make or break your campaign if they fail to capture your readers’ attention.

4. Write Short Sentences

A 25-word sentence occupies two lines on an average desktop screen. For mobile screens, these are four lines. Long sentences, spread over more lines, make it difficult to read and remember. That’s why you should avoid long sentences for mobile copywriting.

5. Keep it Simple

Avoid using heavy words or technical jargon in your copy. Keep your messages simple, using words that are easy to understand so your readers can read it once and get the message (they likely won’t bother to read it twice!).

Mobile copywriting is effective when the focus is on your audience. Think from the point of view of your customers and try to write copy that draws their attention, clearly communicates your thoughts, and delivers value.

What else would you do differently if you were to write for your mobile audience? Share your comments below.

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