New changes on the horizon at U10th

Great things have been happening for Unity Tenth ever since this business first launched in 2015. Now more than ever, organizations have seen the need for getting a web site to connect with their audience.

While there are platforms available for people to build a site affordably and easily, there is still is a need for people without the time to build a site. Unity Tenth has been happy to help serve you while you concentrate on growing your organization.

Unity Tenth has also been growing, too. I’m glad to announce some new changes that have happened and that are coming in the near future.

Simplified Quote Calculator

Order processing is getting a complete make over. The end goal is for a more seamless ordering process to make it easier for you to get the services you need. The new quote calculator replaces the website project builder (and will be re-purposed). The quote calculator will allow you to build your own, affordable web site design package. Also, the quote calculator will have coupon codes that can be used to save you money. They are hidden throughout the form, so explore it and see how much you can save.

There will also be more coupon codes that will be hidden in various pages of this site, emails, and even other client’s websites in the future. You’re encouraged to shop around before you choose U10th. This will give you a little incentive to view my work and see what’s available before you decide to work with me.

The website project builder will still be apart of the process of making sure you get a website that meets the goals of your organization. Eventually, you will be given the chance to fill it out for yourself for another goody. But, I will let you know when that is ready.

New and Improved Services

Security and Maintenance (Improved)

One bad apple can spoil a bunch. One bad hacker can destroy your organization. The security and maintenance plan is a must to keep your site protected from the unexpected. You can get site backups, malware threat detection, up-time monitoring, and automated updates. The plan also comes with done-for-you site updates. If you supply the content or if you need to add a new page or anything to you site, it will be done for you as well at no additional cost.

Premium Themes by Divi (Improved)

When you get a web site designed at U10th, you get to choose from a plethora of free templates designed by talented developers. However, sometimes with a free theme, to get the functionality that’s needed to accomplish you’re online goals a plugin is required. Or, you may have to purchase the “full” version of the theme from the author. Also, when the reigns are handed over to your organization, if you need to make changes to the site, you might have to learn a little coding to make it happen. Or, you can hire U10th to do it for you (which I don’t mind, but your budget might). This is where Divi comes in.

Divi is a drag-and-drop website design theme by Elegant Themes. One theme, unlimited styles. Plus, the theme had many visual elements built in, saving you money on extra and expensive third party plugins or design hours. Also, with it’s front end visual builder, you can see how your site will look like before you publish it. If you can use Wix, you can use this. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Independent and Done-for-You Web Hosting by Flywheel (New and Improved)

Last year, Unity Tenth offered done-for-you web hosting. The hosting was provided by GoDaddy. There is nothing wrong with GoDaddy’s managed WordPress (U10th currently uses it). However, there is another company that has a lot more to offer.  Those offerings will keep your site protected while leaving your site visitors with such a positive online experience that it could help you get on the first page of Google in no time. That company is Flywheel.

Flywheel offers incredibly fast hosting, a free SSL certificate (since Google cares about your site having that green padlock in your address bar), free daily backups, malware detection AND free removal, and more. Unity Tenth has an independent plan, in which U10th starts it, then turns over the billing to you. There is also the Done-for-you plan for those who don’t have time to maintain the site’s costs and likes the convenience of one bill.

Growth Center Client Account Dashboard (Getting Improved)

Last year, Unity Tenth introduced the Growth Center–a client account dashboard where you can see the progress of your project, sign documents, make payments, submit support tickets, and upload assets to be used in your website.

Improvements are still being made to the dashboard. Eventually, new clients will automatically get access to the dashboard when they submit the quote calculator. Also, there are plans to improve how assets are uploaded for use in your project. More members-only benefits will be added to the account dashboard in the future. Just keep your eyes open!

Branded Emails with White Labeled Portal (New)

According to Verisign, 65 percent of people are more likely to do business with you when you have a company branded email. The same is true for charities and ministries. People will take your organization more seriously and will be more likely to trust you with a personal company branded email. Unity Tenth can help your online reputation by setting you up with personal company branded emails for up to 25 users. Plus, you can enhance your company’s internal reputation with a white labeled branded email portal, accessible through your domain (i.e.

Advanced Forms by Gravity Forms (New)

Sometimes a simple contact form isn’t enough to meet your online goals. You might have an event that you will need to allow multiple people to register and pay online. Or, you might need to have forms connect to a help desk? With Gravity Forms, that can happen.  Unity Tenth can create an advanced form that can do things that a simple form cannot do.  Want visitor’s files uploaded through your site to end up in your Dropbox account?  That can happen!  Want people to digitally sign a contract?  Gravity Forms is your go-to service!  Unity Tenth will just ask for a small monthly or annual subscription for the license.  If you do not need to use the advanced form for an extended period of time, you can ask for it to be removed and you can cancel the subscription at any time.  If you want an example of what an advanced form can do, check out the new quote calculator.

Plugin Allowance/Rebate (New)

If you have never used WordPress, then the concept of “plugins” might be foreign to you.  WordPress was originally (and still is to a certain degree) a platform for blogging and for people who like to write.  Plugins add extra functions to your WordPress site that goes out of the scope of WordPress, such as SEO management, Facebook auto-posting, contact forms, site notifications, media galleries, client relationship management, etc.  There are a TON of free plugins via WordPress’ plugin repository.  However, sometimes to get the right functions for a site, it might take a 3rd party plugin; most of which costs money.  This is where the Plugin Allowance comes in.

The Plugin Allowance prevents Unity Tenth from tacking on additional cost to a quote because of unforeseen plugin costs.  You set the budget, and Unity Tenth will work to stick to it.  Unity Tenth will make every effort to find a free plugin solution first.  If one doesn’t exits, you’ll be notified about a 3rd party premium solution prior to Unity Tenth purchasing the plugin.  Here’s the best part, regardless of whether Unity Tenth uses some or non of the allowance, at the end of the project you will get the remaining allowance back as a rebate!  All web projects come with a $25 allowance.  You can add more to the $25 if you’d like.  The additional amount depends on the scope of your project.  Your designer can give you recommendations on whether you might need to increase your allowance.

PLEASE NOTE, if a premium plugin is needed after the quote has been finalized and agreed, you cannot add to the allowance.  Additional costs will be tacked on to the final cost of the project and you will not be reimbursed for it (so get your allowance budget right BEFORE approving your quote).

Search Engine Optimization (In Development)

Everyone is on the internet trying to get people to notice their organization for one reason or another (mostly for money).  The internet is VERY competitive, so there are things that need to be done to ensure that your organization can get recognized.  That’s Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

SEO is the process of altering a website’s ranking in a search engine.  Most of the time, the search engine’s ranking that matters the most is Google.  Unity Tenth already provides all websites with the Yoast SEO plugin so you can optimize the website yourself.  In the future, Unity Tenth will have a service that goes beyond that plugin.  The service will conduct research, make changes to your copy (content on the site), and make sure that your site is properly indexed by Google Search to get the best ranking possible on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  This service is not available yet, but it is a goal to have it ready to roll out for clients by the end of 2018.

Discontinued Services

Because of low demand or high maintenance, the following services have been discontinued:

Asset Tagging (Sermons & Ecommerce)

Unity Tenth offered a special monthly service in which if you provided the products (or, in the case of ministries, sermons), Unity Tenth would classify it, tag it, clean it up, and add it to the site for you.  This service has been discontinued since Done-for-You hosting plans AND Security & Maintenance plans include this already.  The difference is that you will have to have it already classified and tagged for easy uploading.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


2018 will be an amazing year for you and Unity Tenth!  We will both grow a little more.  This is just a tip of the iceberg on some of the changes that are coming.  If you have any questions, please fill free to call or text Unity Tenth at 870-568-7495.  And, always remember to..

Grow More,

Brandon Tabor

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