(New Life Empowerment Development Center)

New Life Empowerment Development Center is a non-profit organization that focuses on computer literacy and after-school tutoring using faith-based principles.  They also provide access to technology for low-income areas in Jonesboro, AR.

The pastor of New Life Empowerment Ministries needed a simple website for his nonprofit organization. He gave me the content and all of what he had and I did the rest for him. He liked the site from another NPO called Families Tiez. I created the site to look similar to theirs.

Since the site was first launched, a volunteer has taken it over and made changes, which is what Unity Tenth aims to do!  That’s what we mean we say we want to help you grow more.  Unity Tenth does provide technical support.  Also, this is another client from the early days of Unity Tenth so some services that were performed for this site may not be available, such as logo design.  I modified their logo and made it more web-friendly.

To see the full site, go here:

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