Rethink Communication: Healthy and Sustainable


One of the greatest challenges for church communicators isn’t strategy or bulletins or senior pastors. It’s taking care of yourself. Finding a healthy and sustainable pace is absolutely essential if you’re going to find any other success in your role as a church communicator.

Phil Bowdle explores this idea in his new book, Rethink Communication: A Playbook to Clarify and Communicate Everything in Your Church.

In this clip from an exclusive Courageous Storytellers webinar, Phil talks about the importance of taking care of yourself and how hard it can be to realize that it’s important:

“It’s really hard for God to use a burned out leader.”

Healthy and Sustainable

It’s really hard for God to use a burned out leader. If you are in a season where you can’t sustain your current pace for much longer… the question I often try to ask myself is if I kept running at this pace right now for the next six months, would I be closer to a healthy and sustainable pace or would I be closer to burnout?

For me, that particular part of the book was a big passion for me because I was finding myself in that same place. I was at a spot where, because of the expectations I was putting on myself and the things I was putting on my plate, I was realizing I wasn’t at a healthy and sustainable pace. What was convicting is I realized how could I ever expect myself to develop other people in a healthy and sustainable team or create healthy and sustainable leaders around me if I wasn’t leading myself in that way. So I had to rethink a lot of different things from how I spent my time, what I put my energy into, etc.

So in that part of the book, what I try to do is give a little bit of a personal audit check for you to just be able to evaluate what’s the temperature right now for me on how I’m doing and what are some steps I can take to be able to get into a more healthy and sustainable pace to be able to fulfill the ministry and calling God has placed on your life.


Kevin D. Hendricks wrote this originally at Church Marketing Sucks .

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