Website for $88?? Website for $500??? Why is it so “high!?”

Believe it or not, these two prices are along the lowest end of the spectrum for getting a website AND getting a web designer.

I understand that the costs seem a bit ‘high’ and you’re probably thinking ‘At this price, I could do it myself.’  Web building technology has improved over the past couple of years, making is simpler for anyone to build a beautiful, responsive website.

In fact, I’ll be happy to recommend some platforms you could use.  But, please know that it does take time to build AND MAINTAIN a website.  A well, regularly maintained website gets visitors.  That’s what Unity Tenth offers.  You owe it to your organization and your bottom line to find the best method for getting a website.

Also, Unity Tenth has a bottom line to look at, as well.  We spent a lot of time trying to find a balance between an affordable cost for you that allow us to cover our bottom line so you could get the best service.

Below is a brief breakdown of where your investment goes.  These are the same necessary expenses for having an industry best-practice website that you might incur if you do strike out on your own.  If you want a more detailed breakdown, please contact Unity Tenth!

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting set up
  • Theme license (…working to buy the lifetime license so this will become free for all clients, thus making our service even more affordable).
  • Maintenance costs (performance scans, analysis, reports, etc.)
  • Operational costs (i.e. things to keep the lights on such as internet bill, electricity, hosting, Unity Tenth domain, etc.  This is usually covered by the hourly rate.)