What’s the difference between Full Service and Self Service?

Both services include website designing, hosting set up, domain research, domain registration, and domain set up. Also both services will connect your current domain to our hosting provider (Flywheel).

The difference comes in price and maintenance after the site is launched.

With Self Service, you will own the domain and hosting account.  Plus, you will be responsible for updates, maintenance, and security of your website.  Also, Self Service is one price with no monthly costs from Unity Tenth.  Unity Tenth can provide help and maintenance at a service fee of $50 per hour.

Full Service, on the other hand, takes care of website maintenance, service, and security.  It’s basically a retainer program for a webmaster. The monthly fee includes costs for providing ongoing troubleshooting.  Plus, Full Service clients also get progress reports on the status of their site emailed monthly, website traffic reports via Google Analytics, and the convenience of submitting work tickets from your site’s dashboard as oppose to logging into your Growth Center dashboard on UnityTenth.com.  Full service clients also get a special 30 day on time launch guarantee.  If your website does not get launched in 30 days, you get a full refund and your first month free.

See your terms for more details.