Will you help me find a domain/hosting provider if I handle the costs?

Unity Tenth will help you find a domain name if you sign up to be a Self Service or Full Service client. Your domain will be researched and registered with GoDaddy.

Also, when you sign up for Full or Self Service a hosting account is already included, which eliminates the tedious task of finding a reliable hosting provider.  Your hosting will be set up with Flywheel.

If you wish to find and register your own domain and hosting accounts while maintaining the costs & upkeep for them (outside of Flywheel), Unity Tenth can help you do that at an hourly rate of $50.

If you have Self Service, you are free to choose any other domain registrar and hosting provider that best suits your budget.  If you have Full Service, you can cancel your Full Service status any time and find a more affordable solution if you would like.

If you’re not signed up with Full or Self Service and need help with finding a domain or hosting provider, Unity Tenth can consult and help you at $30/hour.  However, please be aware that you will be responsible for designing and maintaining your website.

If you want your website designed, too, then sign up for either Self or Full Service.