Unity Tenth no longer offering hosting support for GoDaddy or 1&1

Starting November 25, 2019, Unity Tenth will no longer provide or service support tickets that involve hosting with GoDaddy or 1&1.  Support Terms will be updated to reflect this change.

Hosting providers are not created the same.  Some of the software and hardware they have can make for an excellent or a poor web experience for you and your visitors.  When you tie in their capabilities to provide support, that can make that experience a dream or a nightmare.

Recently, I had to provide service for a client who was hosted on one of the platforms above.  An automated email, a seemingly canned live chat, and a disappointing phone call after-waiting-18-minutes-for-someone-to-answer later it ended up with the company trying to upsell a simple troubleshoot that any other hosting provider would do for free.  Not to mention, this is for a ticket that fits into Unity Tenth’s emergency clause, since their site was no longer accessible.

I also remember an experience with a different hosting provider who apparently locked one of my clients into a contract.  They threatened to send their information over to a debt collector (and, to this day, we still don’t know why even after my client paid the bill faithfully).

When I first started Unity Tenth, I was open to letting clients choose the hosting platform that works best for their budget.  However, the longer I worked, the more I realized that some hosting providers are not the best.  Unfortunately, when it comes to hosting, I’ve found that those two mentioned above have poor support and poor hosting.

With that being said, if your website is down or inaccessible or hacked for any reason with these companies, I highly recommend contacting those companies directly and working it out with their support staff.  If they treat your company well and they fit into your budget, then you can stay with them.

Make sure when you contact them that you have your account number and special support pin number ready.

This does not mean that Unity Tenth is completely done with dealing with GoDaddy.

I still will recommend GoDaddy as the best and most affordable domain registrar on the internet.  Tickets dealing with domains and domain maintenance for GoDaddy will still be handled.  You can submit that ticket through the Unity Tenth Marketplace.

If you are still hosting with either GoDaddy or 1&1 and you want better service, more reliable uptime, faster speeds, and greater security, then I recommend migrating your site to Unity Tenth’s preferred hosting providerFlywheel.

GoDaddy was a great starting point as a hosting provider for Unity Tenth.  However, when more demands were needed, a decision was made to migrate UnityTenth.com to Flywheel.  Their billing is straightforward, and their staff is incredibly helpful.

They also offer free website migration to their platform if you decide to make a switch.  Plus, anyone who hosts with them get VPN level security and speed.  VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is basically your own personal server.  You’re not sharing it with others, so there’s less of a security risk for your website.

They also offer free website backups, free SSL certificate (very important for security and search engine optimization), free malware/virus removal, and so much more.  Plans start at $25/mo and it’s well worth the investment.

If you are interested in migrating your site to Flywheel, Unity Tenth will provide free support for the move.  Please click here to get started.  The link is an affiliate link, so if you do purchase a plan, then we’ll get a referral fee which goes back into making our services affordable for you.

Meanwhile, I apologize for the inconvenience that this may pose.  Unity Tenth tries to keep things as simple as possible.  Unfortunately, their support has not been in keeping with the company philosophy of being simply smart.  I always try to make decisions that are in the best interest of all of my client. May you continue to grow more!

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