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Unity Tenth to take a temporary web design service hiatus in February 2021

The following was an email sent to everyone on “The Seed” newsletter email list and clients first sent on January 11 and again on January 12.

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!  It’s finally 2021 and I’m sure you have big plans for your organization this year. 

We at Unity Tenth also have big plans for 2021 that we think that you will enjoy and we are excited to bring them to you.  These new plans will be designed to help your organization meet those goals that you have set up to reach a new audience online. 

A Quick Reminder About Our Services 

Already, you have access to our newest service, managed WordPress hosting.  This service will not only make sure your website remains protected from threats and stay up, but it will also provide courtesy digital marketing strategy sessions, website support, and content management. 

Also, if you just want some website support, we still have our Greenthumb Support Service plan which also includes content management.  It also has a dedicated team of WordPress and website experts who can restore your website if it’s down, or upload content to your website (and get it done promptly). 

And, don’t forget about our white-labeled business email powered by Zoho.  Most people will not do business with you unless you have an email address that uses your domain name.  We provide this service so you can appear more professional to your audience and increase trust in your brand. 

Finally, there’s our digital marketing consultations that you can schedule with us.  Via Zoom calls, we’ll help you develop and set up marketing plans to help your organization’s website drive more traffic.  This will become very important especially now with most business being shifted online because of the pandemic. 

Plus, Unity Tenth will continue to expand and grow its web design services to help you tell your story online.  It includes designing and developing anything from a full website to a single landing page. 

All of these services are here to help you, our loyal customer, tell your story online and grow your brand more.  To make sure that you, our loyal customer, get the best service that you absolutely deserve we need a little time to refine our processes and to ensure that we can continue to take care of you while taking care of our growing customer clientele. 

Temporary Website Design Service Hiatus 

During the month of February, we will temporarily suspend our web design services.  During this time, so that we can make sure that we can adequately provide exceptional service to you in an efficient and timely manner, we will not accept any new web design projects. 

Any new full website projects that need attention will be queued for March.  If you just need a new landing page or content uploaded to your current website, Greenthumb Support or Managed WordPress land plans will still be available for you to utilize, so please sign up now if you haven’t done so yet. 

Other services, such as digital marketing consultations and white-labeled business email service will still be available to you if you need assistance, this includes the email set-up assistance service. 

To help facilitate this, the web form on our Web Design page will be disabled to be reconfigured (in fact, all of UnityTenth.com is getting a major facelift).  Also, only phone calls, text, and emails related to any service except for web design will be honored and answered. 

Also, we will continue to monitor your website and keep it clean from spam comments and keep your plugin, theme, and WordPress versions updated.  And, updates to our privacy policy and terms of service will be made as well. 

Why Are We Doing A Service Hiatus? 

Again, all of this is to help you in the long run get efficient service.  During this down time, we will also work on streamlining some other services and make it more efficient for you so you can get the best help possible.  Plus, we will hopefully have a referral program set up that can make sure that you get compensated for sending new clients our way. 

But in order to set all of this up, we need this down time and we’d greatly appreciate you if you honor it.  In March, we’ll be ready to go and back at it again, hopefully stronger and better than ever! 

If you have any questions, please call our customer service line at 870-280-2282. 

Thank you very much and may you continue to Grow More! 

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