Updated Support Terms of Service: Clarify Submission, Timeline, Description of Work, and Emergency Policy

Unity Tenth has updated its Support Terms of Service policy. What’s that?

Well, once a website is launched, that’s not the end of the project. It’s only the beginning. Your new website is like a new baby. It requires constant watching. Also, as your baby grows, s/he requires more attention. Your website is no different.

As your organization grows, you may find out that you have new needs that you didn’t realize when initial talks about were website were made. Or, you might be curious about specific functions of your website and you wish to learn a little more. Or, the worst has happened and you find out that your website has been hacked or it’s performing slowly. These things happen.

Unity Tenth is always available to provide assistance for helping you accomplish your digital goals. However, as Unity Tenth grows, so does the client base. To ensure that you get fair and efficient help, support terms were created.

You can check out the support terms on the Unity Tenth Terms of Services page. The terms are guidelines for how and what services Unity Tenth will render if you decide to seek help.

The terms have recently been updated. As most sites will tell you that they have updated their terms and expect you to read them, Unity Tenth will try not to do that. Unity Tenth is about being “simply smart” because sometimes we just want it in plain English. Therefore, anytime updates to any terms are done, a separate post will be created to explain what changes were made and how they impact you. Without further ado, here’s what’s changed in the Terms of Support Service.

Submission Changes

The biggest change to the submission section was to specify what methods are acceptable for submitting work orders. Previously, phone and text was fine. Now, those were removed. Phone and text requests for tickets can get messy and can make it harder to render services in order to the people who submitted their tickets. This puts everyone on the the same playing field.

Also, the submission section specifies what methods are available for Self-Service, Full-Service, and Extended Service clients.

Timeline Changes

The only change to the timeline section was the inclusion of the “waiting” or “awaiting response” status. Tickets with “waiting” or “awaiting response” are open tickets in which Unity Tenth is waiting on you to respond or perform an action necessary for resolving your ticket. The support email was also updated to unity.support@unitytenth.com.

Description of Sanctioned Work Changes

The main change in this section involved maintenance and technical services. Technical services deals mostly with work involving coding, the real nuts-and-bolts of the website. The update in technical services involves Google Analytics and Google Webmaster (or Google Search Console). It basically specified free connection to Google Analytics and Webmaster for only Full-Service clients. Full-Service clients get free Google Analytics monitoring and Webmaster configuration through Unity Tenth’s Google Account.

Maintenance services deals mostly with preventative work to keep the website updated. Changes included specifying what services are only available for Full-Service, Self-Service, and Extended Service clients.

Emergency Policy Changes

The emergency policy basically gives a definition of what an “emergency” website issue is and how it can be addressed. Regardless of a client’s service plan, and emergency is an emergency and will get taken care off promptly. To make a long story short, an emergency is if your website is compromised or shut down. The main change to this policy is to allow clients to contact the business line in case of an emergency.

Again, you can see the policy in full here. We’ll try to make posts like this every time changes are made to any terms, but it might not happen all the time. If you have any questions about the changes in the policy, please reach out to Unity Tenth.

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