Why Trademarks are Essential for Your Business

Trademark and Advertising Law

Establishing a strong brand is important to business success and a trademark can become one of your nonprofit organization’s most valuable assets.

The effectiveness of your business accomplishing its goals depends heavily on the strength of its brand – what people perceive about your business. Having a communicative and consistent brand creates three core elements:

Value: A consistent strong brand allows you to gain credibility, build trust, and develop an emotional connection to your customers, volunteers, and those receiving your services. By cultivating a clear brand, the value of your business will increase in the mind of your audience.

Engagement: a strong brand engages your audiences, team and advocates and allows you to communicate efficiently and effectively. It gives your team and advocates a shared sense of purpose and provides a tool to easily motivate your audiences to spread the word for you.

Sustainability: With a strong brand foundation, it is easier to determine your next steps, such as which products and services to launch and who to target. Brand foundation drives the tone of your future communications and directs your next steps in community engagement and marketing for years to come.

If your business has not taken the steps to ensure that its name (BRAND) is available for use, it may be forced to stop using it or worse yet, change its name. This could be devastating to a business especially after much time and equity have been put into building the nonprofit organization name (BRAND).

Additionally, protecting the brand is of equal importance. Many businesses overlook these important steps in creating and securing their brand. Your brand is your identity and an important part of your marketing strategy. Having a federally registered trademark increases your credibility in your market, and enables you to prevent others from using your mark or a mark similar to yours in a manner that could harm your business.

Some Benefits of Trademark Registration are:

• Federally registered trademarks are protected throughout the United States rather than in one state.

• Federal registration provides evidence that you own your trademark. If you ever sue someone for trademark infringement, this fact will save you a great deal of time and legal fees.

• As an owner of a federally registered trademark, you are entitled to “treble damages”, which means you can recover three times your actual damages from the trademark infringer.

• You may also be able to recover any profits that the defendant earned while infringing your trademark, as well as any attorneys fees you incur during litigation.

All-Inclusive Flat Rate Trademark Registration Package

You’re FINALLY ready to take action and secure a trademark for your brand, but intimidating lawyers and their high hourly rates have kept you hesitant and spinning in the dark.

Have no fear! Intimidation is not a word in our vocabulary. We are here to support you as your trusted advisor, and help you protect your trademarks. Don’t worry we’ve got you COVERED!

You will get:

• U.S. Trademark Search and a Trademark Search Report for one trademark (plus a complimentary 2nd search if the initial trademark is not available)

• Preparation and filing of one U.S. trademark application

• Support via email and scheduled phone calls regarding your trademark

• Trademark application monitoring and status updates

• Responses to office actions from the USPTO

• Preparation and filing of statement of use and extension requests

• A trademark registration certificate from the USPTO upon completion

• Trademark Use & Maintenance Guide

With this package you will walk away with:

• Full legal protection for your trademark in the United States

• 100% ownership of your trademark in the United States

• Exclusive nationwide rights to use your trademark

• A distinctive brand that allows you to stand out in your field and distinguishes you from the competition

• The ability to prevent competitors from using your trademark

• Peace of mind to grow a profitable business

• Information about how to use and maintain your trademark rights

We charge a single flat rate, which includes ALL work during the entire trademark registration process.

CALL Attorney Karmen at (240) 273-2584 or email her at info@compuperfect.net to get started.

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