These frequently asked questions will help you to navigate through Unity Tenth’s Web Design service.  Please check back for more FAQ’s.  If you would like to add a question, please suggest one by leaving a comment below.

Basic Website Design

WordPress.com uses WordPress.org.  (What?!)  When you see references of WordPress on this website, it’s more than likely referring to WordPress.org.  WordPress.org is a stand-alone Content Management System, or CMS, that is generally hosted with a different server (such as GoDaddy, Blue Host, 1&1, Flywheel, or Host Gator to name a few). Plus, WordPress.org is a little more flexible when it comes to making cosmetic, drastic changes to your site.  But, it can have some security issues if not hosted properly.

WordPress.com is a managed WordPress blogging platform and social community.  It’s mainly for people who love to blog (online journal).  While you can make some changes to the theme (and even add plugins, but you’d have to pay extra), it’s more challenging for web designers to make cosmetic, drastic changes.  However, WordPress.com is managed WordPress, so it is very safe and secure.

While Unity Tenth would rather work with WordPress.org, at the end of the day, it is your organization’s decision as to what works best.  Greg Narayan has a YouTube video that has a very recent explanation of the two platforms.  You can watch the video below to get a better idea.

ABSOLUTELY!!  Unity Tenth can help you pick out a domain name and find a great hosting provider for your site if your company decides to handle the costs.  And it will be for FREE!!

What you will need before Unity Tenth can build your website successfully will be

  1. your organization’s registered domain name and domain registrar account credentials, *
  2. your organization’s hosting account credentials, *
  3. your organization’s assets which includes but are not limited to:
    1. logo
    2. emails
    3. page/post content
    4. pictures

*If your website’s host and domain are with the same company, I just need the credentials for that one account.  You are responsible for registering a domain, finding a hosting provider, and managing the costs of each ONLY if you choose the “Our organization has it taken care of already” option on the quote form.  If you like Unity Tenth to handle registering a domain and setting up hosting for you, choose one of the other two options.

Unity Tenth’s process to get a website for your organization is quite simple.  However, it is not a set-it-and-forget-it-thing.  Building a website is a team effort between your organization and Unity Tenth.

The reason for this collaboration is to ensure 3 things:  1.)  You site is user friendly for your visitors, 2.) your site is user friendly for you, and 3.) your site represents your organization in the most professional manner.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you should expect to get a website designed by Unity Tenth:

  1. You would complete and submit the FREE Instant Quote Form Builder.  What this does is it gives you an estimate of how much you will be expected to invest into the project.  You can customize your project to best fit your needs and timetable.  You will also get coupon codes (like FAQROCKSTAR) that you can use to get a discount on your project.  (Please note that cost and discounts seen on the builder are subject to change.)
  2. Unity Tenth gives you credentials for your Growth Center Account.  The Growth Center is your account and project dashboard.  You will be able to sign off on the quote, agreement, and project digitally, make payments, submit work tickets, upload assets, and more.
  3. You will be contacted by Unity Tenth to complete the Client Relationship Builder.  The Client Relationship Builder (or CRB) is used for learning more about your organization and what you want for your website.  The CRB is also a great tool for helping you to line out your organization’s marketing goals.  If you want to speed up this part, you can complete a digital version of the CRB in your Growth Center Dashboard.
  4. You log into your Growth Center Dashboard and sign the agreement.  The agreement basically protects Unity Tenth as well as your organization and it spells out certain terms and conditions.  You are encouraged to read it and sign off on it.  You will be able to print copies for yourself and refer to them in your dashboard.
  5. Unity Tenth sends you an invoice for the down payment to be paid.  The down payment gives Unity Tenth some money that can be used to get started on your site and purchase some necessary items.  It is 20% of the overall project costs.  This must be paid before work is to begin on your project.  It can be paid in the Growth Center (via PayPal with debit/credit card) or you can submit a check or money order.  No cash, please.  Note that if you pay via check/money order, Unity Tenth will not work on your project until the funds clear.
  6. Unity Tenth works on your website on a local development environment.  You submit assets to include on your website (content, pictures, logo, links, etc.).  Unity Tenth allows you to write the content for your site since you know your organization best.  If you don’t have time to do it or if you don’t have anything to say, you can find someone on Fiverr to write it for you.  Click on this link to visit their site.  It’s an affiliate link, so if you purchase something, I will get compensated.
  7. Unity Tenth posts a link to demo a first draft of the site in the Growth Center for you to review and sign off on the project.  If you want changes to be made, you can tell me.  NOTE:  After each change, you will get a new demo link for you to review.  The site does not go live until you sign off on it as complete.  PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS THROUGH EITHER YOUR GROWTH ACCOUNT OR VIA EMAIL AT CUSTOMERSERVICE@UNITYTENTH.COM.  It makes it easier to refer back to the changes.
  8. You get a final invoice for the remainder of the amount which must be paid in full before your site gets launched.  If you are unable to pay in full, Unity Tenth can work with you!
  9. Unity Tenth launches your site on your hosting account.
  10. Unity Tenth trains you (or who ever is managing the site) on how to use the new website.
  11. You enjoy your site!!

Growth Center Account

You can pay with a check, money order, debit card, credit card, or your PayPal account.  Please, no cash.  The most preferred (and fastest) method  of payment is online through PayPal.

PayPal can process debit and credit cards without you having an account.  If you do have a FREE PayPal account, you can connect your bank to your PayPal and process an ACH (automatic clearing house) payment.  That method is similar to paying with a check and it takes about 3 to 5 business days to clear.

To see how to link your PayPal business account (which is also FREE) to your bank, check out this article from PayPal.

Your invoice that is generated in your Growth Center Account Dashboard automatically connects to PayPal.  You will be able to pay instantly for your services through your invoice.

Checks and money orders are accepted.  You must make them out to “Brandon Tabor” and you can mail them to the address seen on the invoice.

No matter which payment method you choose, please note that your services or project will not start until the invoice is paid in full.  If you submit a check or money order, they will have to arrive and be processed before work can begin.

You can do this one of three ways.  PLEASE TRY THE FIRST TWO before using the final.

Preferred Methods:  Growth Center Account Dashboard

  1. Method #1:  Projects Page
    1. Log in to your Growth Center Account Dashboard
    2. Click on the Projects tab in the left sidebar
    3. Click on your project.
    4. Click on “Milestones & Tasks” in the left sidebar under the Project Menu.
    5. Click on any milestone link.
    6. Click upload, select your files, and upload them.
  2. Method #2:  Asset Uploader Form
    1. Log in to your Growth Center Account Dashboard
    2. Click on Asset Uploader in the left sidebar
    3. Complete the form, upload your documents and hit submit.

Last Resort Method: Send your documents via email to this address.  Please, ONLY do this if the first 2 methods don’t work.

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  1. Log in to your Growth Center Account Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Projects tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on the name of your project.

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Hosting and Domains

In the quote calculator, you’ve noticed three options under the “How will the site’s hosting & domain registration be managed?” question.  These are site hosting management services.  One of the things that makes Unity Tenth affordable is the freedom for you to take care of the costs of maintaining a website that works best for your organization’s budget.

When speaking of site hosting management, these are the costs associated with “keeping the lights on” for your website.  In order for you to have a website, you need to register a domain name and sign up with a hosting provider.  Self-Hosted, Independent, and Done-For-You site hosting services gives you more control for how you keep your site going.

  • Self-Hosted Site Hosting Management (Option 1):  Option one says “our organization has it taken care of!”  That means that your organization has (or will) take care of the costs, setting up, and maintenance of hosting and domain registration.  When getting a web design project with Unity Tenth, you will not be charged for having your own (or finding your own) web host provider or domain registrar.  Unity Tenth will provide free consultation to help you find a domain name and a hosting provider.  However, you must have both before the site is complete and can be launched.
  • Independent Site Hosting Management (Option 2):  Option two explains exactly what Independent does–Unity Tenth will find a domain name and a hosting provider for your, set it up for you, and pay for your first month/year of services.  After the first month/year, the costs and domain ownership will be transferred to your organization and it will be your organization’s responsibility to keep the account current.
  • Done-For-You (DFY) Site Hosting Management (Option 3):  Option 3 also explains exactly what DFY does–Unity Tenth handles everything!  It’s just like option 2, but instead of turning the costs over to you, Unity Tenth will take care of the costs.  All you will have to do is pay an additional convenience fee.  This option is great for allowing you to pay one bill for one site instead of 2 bills for one site.*

Independent and Done-For-You hosting providers and domain registrars are chosen by Unity Tenth.  You will be hosted with Flywheel and your domain will be registered with GoDaddy.  Unity Tenth will also take recommendations for what you want your domain name to be.

*DFY domains will be registered and owned by Unity Tenth.  If your account becomes delinquent, additional fees may be assessed to your account before your site becomes active again.  As long as your account remains in good standing and you would like to move your site to another hosting provider and domain registrar, Unity Tenth will relinquish ownership of the domain at no cost.  If your account is delinquent and you would like to move your site to another hosting provider and domain registrar, your will have to purchase the domain from Unity Tenth through a Domain Broker to negotiate the costs.

ABSOLUTELY!!  Unity Tenth can help you pick out a domain name and find a great hosting provider for your site if your company decides to handle the costs.  And it will be for FREE!!