Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

A Managed WordPress Website Hosting Solution That Helps You Spread Your Roots and Grow More

Introducing Hosting Land Plans

Because Every Dream Needs Room to Grow

Unity Tenth now has Managed WordPress Website Hosting.  But, it’s hosting combined with ongoing support and a service to help your business, non-profit, or faith-based group succeed online.

Many Services.  One Bill.  Zero Headaches.

Our managed WordPress Hosting service is more than a place to host your website.  It also includes website support and digital marketing consultations.  It’s like having your own website management team on staff.

Secure, Lightning Fast Hosting

Your website will be hosted on some of the best servers in the industry; perfectly optimized for WordPress and not shared.  Also, your website and its data will be safe and secured.  If your website gets hacked, we’ll take care of cleaning your website at no addtional cost.

All Plans Have the Following Features

Automatic Website Updates

You’ll never have to handle any updates.  We’ll keep WordPress, PHP, plugins, and themes updated for you; keeping your website safe from vulnerabilities.

Daily Website Backups

If something goes wrong on your website or you mess up on something, then don’t worry.  We’ll keep a backup copy of your website and we can recover it for your.  


Website Staging

Your website can be cloned to a separate website where you can test different concepts or plguins in private.  You can even push the changes out on your live site when you’re ready.


SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate (padlock in the browser bar) encrypts data being sent to the server.  We’ll give you a free SSL Certificate which also can help your Google search rankings.

SFTP Server Access

You can access your website’s files on the server securely using this secured connection.  All you need is a FTP Client, such as Filezilla.

Malware Removal

If your website gets hacked, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.  You tell us what happened and we’ll take care of the rest at no additonal cost.

Support via Email/Phone

Are you getting the “White Screen of Death” while trying to get to your website?  We’ll help you.  Just submit a ticket via email and we’ll take care of it.  Phone support is also available for Acre plans!

Digital Marketing Consultations

We go beyond giving you server space.  We’ll help your website grow by scheduling virtual consutations to devise a growth strategy for your website.  It also includes tutorials for social media platforms.


Free Migration

Do you wish your website was hosted with us, but your website is hosted someone else?  Not a problem.  We’ll move it for you at no additional cost.


SEO Monitoring

When we do our digital marketing consultation with you, we’ll also help you find targeted keywords your audience would most likley use to find your website and monitor its progress.

Website Performance Monitoring

As your website grows, it might slow down your website.  We’ll keep an eye out on how this growth is impacting your website’s speed, which could hinder your growth.

Google Analytics Monitoring

You’ll never not know how your website is doing ever again.  Using Google Analytics, we’ll tell you how many visitors have visited your website and where they came from.  This can help your organization grow.

Plans and Prices

Your organization has a physical location to grow on.  Now, you need a digital location to grow.  We have 4 hosting plans (“land sizes”) you choose from that suitable for your organization to grow.

With annual plans, not only will you save more than paying monthly, but we’ll give you 2 free months of hosting!





Monthly Visitors






5 GB

5 GB

10 GB

10 GB


20 GB

20 GB

50 GB

50 GB

Overage Allowance




"Techie" Hosting Specs

PHP 7.4 Ready


CDN (powered by Fastly)

Third-Party SSL Certificates

Staging Site



SSH Gateway

Website Support

Daliy Backups





Support Contact Methods





Downtime/Uptime Support

Error code 500 only ("The White Screen of Death")

Any Error Code or PHP Errors

Website Intrusions (malware, hacking, data breach)

Website Restorations

Google Analytics

(will add client's tracking code)

(will add client's tracking code)

(will add client's tracking code)

Content Management


Virtual Website Marketing Consultations


Bi-annually (2/yr)
Quarterly (4/yr)

Monthly (12/yr)

Zoho Mail Email

(set up sold seperately)

Make the Switch.  Let’s Grow Your Dreams.  Let’s Grow Your Website!

Very few web hosting platforms will also add additional tools to keep you safe and contribute to your success online. Get managed WordPress hosting that gives you the space to grow more now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment will you take?

We prefer to take debit or credit card, that way we’ll automatically bill you so that you’ll never have to remember to pay an invoice again.

If you prefer, we can also do a check or money order, but it won’t be posted on the account until it’s recevied and processed.  Talk to the sales agent for more details.

Do I have to hire you to build a website for me in order to use this?

Absoluetely not!  This service is open to anyone who’s looking for a managed WordPress hosting service that does more for them.  If your website is hosted elsewhere, we’ll move it over at no additonal cost.

What's the difference between this and Greenthumb?

Greenthumb is our website management and support service.  It does not handle hosting or give you website consultations.  If you’re just looking for service, then you can check out Greenthumb.  However, it’s much more affordable to take advantage of our hosting Block plan instead.

Are there plugins that I can't use on my website?

Your website will be hosted on one of the most secure and advanced servers in the industry (with Flywheel).  They’ve done a pretty good job of making sure that your website loads fast and is secure.

With that being said, there are some plugins that can interfear with their good work, such as backup plugins and caching plugins.  These aren’t needed.  You can see a full and complete list of plugins that won’t work by going here.

When I upload a picture I'm getting a weird HTTP error. What's that all about?

This is an unfortunate small flaw with WordPress in general.  If you’re seeing that error, most of the time it means that the picture you’re trying to upload is too big (either by the dimensions or the file’s size).

The golden pixel (px) size for your images should be no larger than about 1920 px, which most of the time can fix that error.  You can use Canva, Photopea, or any image editing software to crop the image and try again.

If you’re still getting the error, then your image has way too much data.  It will need to be optomized.  Try converting it to a JPG or JPEG.  Or, search Google for an image optimizer.

You can also check out this article from WPBeginner.

I have multiple websites. Do you have a bulk plan or a discount?

We can explore a custom option for your websites.  Just contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Can I cancel my hosting anytime?

We don’t want to see you go, but if you must leave, then you can leave at anytime under no obligations.

However, you will be responsible for finding a new hosting provider and that new provider will have to migrate the site for you.

What's included in the consultation? How does it work?

The consultations will be conducted via Zoom.  When you sign up for hosting, you’ll be asked when you would want to have the consultation.

During the 1 hour consultation, we’ll look at data on your website collected from Google Analytics to determine how the site is performing.

Then, we’ll determine how we can increase traffic to the website or accomplish any other goals that you have in mind.

Also, the consultations can be used to ask questions and get a lesson on various social media platforms, learn about other forms of digital marketing, and you can also make support requests for your website (at no additional cost).

What happens if I miss a payment?

We will try to notify you if your card is declined or your check bounces.  We’ll also let you know if your card is expiring and when you will be billed again.  Most of these conversations are done via email, so PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR EMAIL AND GIVE US AN EMAIL YOU READ FREQUENTLY!!!

However, if you miss a payment, then the missed payment will be added to the next bill in the cycle.

If you miss 3 payments in a row, we’ll give you a chance to make it up and we won’t just shut your website off.  However, you’ll lose all of the perks in the hosting plan (support and consultations) and the hosting account on Flywheel will be transfered to you, in which you’ll have to pay for hosting and take care of all maintenance and website management.

When you make up the missed payments, then all of the other perks will resume.

Is there a contract to sign for this?

No.  When you get managed hosting with us, at the time of payment you’ll be asked if you accecpt the terms and conditions, which you can read before you process the payment. 

The condiditons will also be avaialable always on our Terms of Services page and you’ll be notified whenever they are changed.

I'm a former client. Can I migrate to one of these Hosting Land Plans?

Yes!  In fact, it’s greatly encouraged.  This managed hosting service is only just the beginning.

By the way, this service uses Flywheel as the hosting provider and you may already be using the hosting resourses that are used in this service.  If so, you can still use this service to also get better support and website consultations.  We’ll even give you a 10% discount on your first installment!

MY WEBSITE'S DOWN!! What do I do?

First, go to and type “” in the box between “Is” and “down for everyone”.  Then, click on the blue button that says “or just me?”

That will tell you if the issue is with the hosting provider.

Next, log into the support ticket form under the “Website Support tab on  Make sure you choose what the issue is and get very specific as possible with what you’re seeing. 

If possible, take some screenshots using your computer’s screenclipping tool.  If you’re using your Chrome browser, you can download the free Fireshot extension to take screenshots. 

An even better tool to use is Loom.  It’s a free video screen recorder.  You can record your actions to replicate the issue, then send the link in the form.

Please note the error code you see on the screen as this will also impact what kind of ticket you can submit.

If all else fails, use the ticket to ask for a backup copy of your website to be restored.  All plans have the ability to ask for this request!

How do I access the SFTP?

When you become a WordPress Hositng Land Plan client, you’ll be mada a collaborator on the Flywheel hosting account.  (Don’t worry, we’ll handle the bill).  Accept the request in your email and you should be given access to the account (you may also have to create a free Flywheel account if you don’t already have one).  You can also check out this article for how to access the SFTP using Filezilla. 

What's "Hosting Resource Overage"?

Hosting platforms will sometimes charge you a little extra if you go over on some the limits set for your host.

When that happens, Unity Tenth will cover a portion of that charge.  You’ll have to cover the rest, which will be reflected on your next bill.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits or faith-based organizations, such as churches?

Yes!  Just let us know beforehand that you would like a discount and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you offer a refund for your hosting service?

At this time, we are unfortunately unable to provide a full refund.  But, we are working to make this possible in the future because it’s the right thing to do.

What kind of support service do you offer?

All websites get support requests to restore a backup copy of the webise and to fix server errors (500 erros, such as 503).  Also, we’ll take care of removing data that could slow down your website (post revisions, spam comments, etc.) and keep various plugins, themes, and the WordPress Core updated.

Block plan clients also get support for any additional errors caused by the “White Screen of Death”, such as 404 errors, or PHP errors (white screen with orange boxes).

Field plan clients also get some content management support to add, edit, or remove content that you’ve submitted.  It doesn’t include custom development or custom writing or designs.  Those services will cost extra and will asked, it will be done per job!!

Acre plan clients will also get a chance to ask for their website to be optimized for speed and to be better seen on various screen sizes, such as tablets and mobile phones. 

All support must be done through the support form (email), unless you’re an Acre client.  Acre clients can request some things via phone.