Web Design Solutions for Nonprofits, Ministries, and Small Businesses



Website Design with WordPress:  Flexible for Your Organization

Unity Tenth aims to create a stunning, professional looking website at more than half the cost for your organization.  Your website design package comes with all of these features:

  • 1 free month of Maintenance & Support Service Add on
  • Designing the website using the responsive template, colors, images, and content of the client’s choice.
  • Connecting the client’s domain & hosting service
  • Social Media account connection
  • SEO management capabilities (Yeost)
  • Installing WordPress (Dupral or Joomla is $10 extra)
  • Google Analytics connection & tracking (free account set up assistance).
  • 15 to 30 day turnaround.

Unity Tenth has 3 design packages tailor made for your organization with more basic features included in your design at no additional cost:

  • Nonprofit Package (nonprofits, charities, government organizations)
    • PayPal for Fundraising, s2Member online membership capabilities (optional), your choice of theme
  • Faith-Based Package (churches, ministries)
    • PayPal for Fundraising, s2Member online membership capabilities (optional), sermon media management, your choice of theme
  • Small Business Package (small businesses, entrepreneurs, independent contractors)
    • WooCommerce online store & PayPal capabilities (optional), SSL certificate for customer protection (Ultimate Done-for-You package only), lead capturing capabilities (optional), your choice of theme

To start your web design, you must ask yourself one question:  Who will upkeep your website?  Unity Tenth offers 2 different web design options based off the answer to that one question for your design packages.

  • Self Hosted Options (you handle domain & hosting, U10th handles the rest!): A much affordable option and it’s a great plan for organizations who plan to have someone maintain the website or if you are going to maintain it yourself (which is VERY easy with WordPress).  The greatest thing about self-hosted options is that you have a ONE TIME FEE!  No monthly plans.  Just more money to grow your business.

Basic Option

Comes with free template from WordPress repository


Premium Option

Comes with premium theme from ThemeForest.net

$150 + Theme Cost

  • Done-for-You Options (U10th handles everything!  Domain & hosting provided by GoDaddy):  This option is great for those who are on the move.  Based on your budget and all of the bells and whistles you want, Unity Tenth will take care of it all.  Not only that, all DFY options come with threat protection, a premium theme from ThemeForest.net (optional. additional costs may apply), and branded emails (yourorganization@mysite.com).

Economy Option

100 mailboxes, 100 GB Disk Space, 1 website

$19/mo or $216/yr

Deluxe Option

500 mailboxes, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited websites

$24/mo or $240/yr

Ultimate Option

1000 mailboxes, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited websites , SSL certificate.

$32/mo or $382/yr

Website Redesign:  It’s all there… you just want to enhance it.

You may have tried it yourself, or someone else did it for you and now… you don’t like it.  You’re website needs an extreme makeover.  Unity Tenth can do a redesign of your website.  Whether you want to completely rebuild your site from the ground up or you just want me to redesign what you have, Unity Tenth can take care of it.

  • Basic Redesign:  You just want a fresh look on the website you already have.  No new domain.  No new hosting account.  No new Content Management System.  Just a redesign.  $135 one time fee.
  • Ultimate Redesign:  This is the nuclear option…  You want to start completely over.  With an ultimate redesign, it’s like you are getting a whole new website, so you’ll get charged for a website design.  The difference…  You’ll get 10% off any plan you choose!  I’ll even migrate your current domain on the house.

Service Add Ons:  Extras to make your site even more awesome!

From ongoing maintenance to product tagging, these add-ons are here to help you to take your website to the next level.

  • Maintenance & Support Add On:  Websites are on computers and computers will mess up (notice “will” is in bold…  It is a statement of fact).  When your website does mess up OR to reduce the chance of your site messing up, use this add on to keep your site running.  This add on includes:  Troubleshooting & Modifications for Theme & Plugins; Done-for-you Plugin, Theme, & CMS Updates; Free Website Consulting; Comment Spam Moderation; & Site Backup Protection

By case, hourly:





$9.99/mo (paid at $119.88/yr)

  • Tagging & Management Add On (Faith-based & Small Business Packages only):  Does your website have an online store and you need help tagging your products?  Do you have sermons you want to have available on your website?  Then this add on is for you!  If you have all of the materials, Unity Tenth will upload it and classify it all for you!  24 hour turnaround!




$5/mo (paid at $60/yr)

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