Kharis Grants and Services

Kharis Grants and Services
Kharis Grants and Services ( is the website for Kharis Grants and Services based in Jonesboro, AR.  This company writes grants for non-profit organizations, provide consultation services for non-profits, and provide resources to help organizations secure funding.

This is another project from the early days so some features and services may not be available.  The first version of the site was simple.  I designed a special header for the pages and used some CSS to change the colors of the theme.

Later, the client wanted a more modern update of her website after looking at another website from someone in her profession.  I converted the website into a “one-page” site, chose a new theme, and reduced the number of pages. 

The client also wanted a special conference page for organizations to register multiple people and pay online.  I utilized Gravity Forms and some creative coding to make the form work and connected it to their PayPal account.

To see the full site, you can go here:

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