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KLEK-LP 102.5 FM

KLEK-LP 102.5 FM (klekfm.org)

KLEKfm.org is the website for KLEK-LP 102.5 FM, a community non-commercial radio station in Jonesboro, AR owned by the non-profit The Voice of Arkansas Minority Advocacy Council. They are the first minority-owned radio station in the city and broadcasts a variety of music and local interest programming designed to “educate, entertain, and empower.”

This is another early client so many of the services used for this project may not be available.  When I first started on KLEKfm, the homepage had nothing but a launch flyer. This was my first Wix project. I completely redesigned the page to make it look more like a typical media site as well as a nonprofit’s site.

After the organization developed a strategic plan, the station’s General Manager wanted to redesign the website to better reflect their new development strategy.  The site was moved from Wix to a new hosting provider to handle WordPress.  The site was completely redesigned, again, from the ground up to be a “community-hub”.

Articles are both originally written and syndicated from other outlets.  It also has an online public file, media library, now-playing display, online donations, advertising space, and many more features that community and public radio stations love and need.

To see the full website, please go here:  https://www.klekfm.org/ 

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