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shunqettacunningham.com home page

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ShunqettaCunningham.com is a website for author and motivational speaker Shunqetta Cunningham.

Shunqetta is from Jonesboro, AR who offers Christian advice on love and life for women.  She’s also the owner of Kharis Grants and Services, which was another website project done by Unity Tenth.

This website was very ambitious as it incorporated ecommerce, email marketing, Facebook live videos, and a speaking engagement calendar.

Shunqetta’s website utilizes the WooCommerce plugin to sell her book and other paraphanellia, such as bracelets and T-shirts.

The site also uses the Facebook Live Video Auto Embed for WordPress plugin from Code Canyon for her Facebook video posts.  It’s the only plugin on the market that handles Facebook Live videos on WordPress.

Divi’s built in email list sign up module works well for handling her sign ups to MailChimp.  But, for handling her speaking engagements, it took a more creative approach.

Using the Popup Maker plugin, Gravity Forms, and the Event Manager plugin, a robust speaking enagement scheduling platform was created.  It notifies her of a new request and any requests she accepts can dynamically be seen on her speaking engagement calendar page.

To see the full site, you can go here:  https://shunqettacunningham.com/

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