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African Art and Accessories

African Arts and Accessories
African Art and Accessories

African Arts and Accessories is a store in Memphis, TN that sells authentic beauty and health products, as well as beautiful decor for the home imported from and inspired by Africa.

African Arts and Accessories, previously known as Mamma Africa, offers products such as shea butter, black soap, fragrances, rugs, carvings, and more. They are one of my earliest clients, so some features they take advantage of many not be available anymore.

I found a simple website theme from the WordPress free theme repository. I made some deep changes to the look and feel of it using some CSS to change some text colors and to utilize the background image. Even though it’s a retail store, the owner didn’t want the site to serve an eCommerce purpose. But, he still wanted to showcase his products. I trained him and some of his staff how to upload pictures to simple blog posts and categorize them. However, clients do have the opportunity to leave comments and questions on the website.

To see the full website, visit them here:  http://africanartsandaccessories.com/

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