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Sleeping Wealthily

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*This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase something through the link, Unity Tenth will earn a commission which supports helping others to grow more.  Thanks!

Sleeping Wealthily is a website that provides articles, tools, tips, and resources to help people get out of their financial “American Nightmare” and make money while in their sleep (hence the name “Sleeping Wealthily”).

The website is a typical blog that has many differents article on it pertaining to credit repair, budgeting, entrepernurship, fintech, and more.

Sleeping Wealthily decided to go with a theme that was created by Wealthy Affiliate, which is a company that teaches people how to be affiliate marketers and to write content that sales.  It’s a company that Unity Tenth endorses for learning how to write content that can be optimized for search engines.

We did decided to add additional features, such as the Monarch plugin, which allows website visitors to share blog posts on social media with a press of a button.  Also, the website is connected to Google Analytics, so the owner can see how well the website is performing.

To see the full site, you can go here:  https://sleepingwealthily.com/

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