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The Kingdom-minded Entrepreneur

The Kingdom Minded Entrepreneur
The Kingdom-minded Entrepreneur (thekingdommindedentrepreneur.info)

The vision of Kingdom-minded Entrepreneur (KME) is to empower, transform and elevate youth, men, and women so they can reach their highest potential; gain economic security, and help their communities through entrepreneurship.  The benefits of entrepreneurship will undoubtedly increase their self-esteem, provide self-fulfillment, and help their community.

KME is the premiere Online Christian Education and Resource Center committed to empowering and training entrepreneurs to levels thought unreachable. From legal advice to grant writing, KME has resources to help your business or organization prosper in accordance to God’s will.

KME is one of my earliest clients, so some services described here may no longer be available. KME wanted to create a membership platform that gives potential clients access to valuable information. I utilized s2member for the membership platform, which also doubled as a eLearning platform.

To see the full website, visit them here:  http://thekingdommindedentrepreneur.info/

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