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Heritage Ghanaian Seventh Day Adventist Church

Everlasting Knowledge Academy

Heritage Ghanaian is a Seventh Day Adventist Church located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Heritage Ghanaian is apart of the Toronto Heritage  Ghanaian Seventh Day Adventist Church, which is an offspring of the Mother Church, Toronto Ghanaian SDA Church, also in Ontario.

The colors used for this one-page concept Divi themed website are based on the Seventh Day Adventist logo, utilizing the gold, white, and dark green.  The maroon and white also add a nice balance for the site, giving it a regal feel.  However, using the curves give the site a modern spin.

The client wanted a way to livestream their services.  It utilizes the popular YouTube Embed Plus plugin.  I used the Content Views Pro plugin to handle the ministries, photo gallery, and resources area.  Finally, the Give WP plugin is being used to handle their online giving.

To see the full site, you can go here:  https://heritageghanaiansda.com/

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