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3 Shades of Blue

3 Shades of Blue

3 Shades of Blue is an online store based out of Memphis, TN.  The owner specializes in designing unique headwear for women.  She also offers other assessories, such as sunglasses and jewelry.

This website was one of my greatest challenges, but it was pulled off pretty well.  It’s a basic eCommerce website built on Divi using WooCommerce.  She primarily accepts payments through CashApp, so the store also allows CashApp payments.  Also, she basically mananages the store from her smartphone.  She can use the phone to take picutres of her hat and upload them directly to the store.

Her brand utilizes 3 shades of the color blue and her logo (which she had on hand) uses a lot of brush effects.  I used her logo as inspration and based the website off of the shades of blue.  Also, it’s designed to look like a modern landing page.

To see the full site, you can go here:  https://3shadesblue.com/

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